State Championships

Results for the state championships can be found here

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Player Spotlight

Go to our spotlight page to see the newest list of high school players for the week of 10/9/17. Also look below for our first parent spotlight!

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Sunlite Shootout caught up with the coaches from St. Xavier High School to get a look into some of the highlights from the St. Xavier High School Sunlite Shootout that was held at Coney Island on September 16 -17, 2017. What encouraged you to have it at Coney Island? What a crazy (and great) idea!

St. Xavier High School: We wanted to host Continue reading

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Standings / Rankings

The standings / rankings page has been updated with St. Charles on top for the boys and Napoleon on top for the girls.

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Masters / Collegiate Club Tournaments

See a list of masters / collegiate club tournaments for the Fall of 2017 by clicking here

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